RI Can Take ASEAN to Greater Height as Chair in 2011: ASEAN SG

Secretary-General of ASEAN Dr Surin Pitsuwan believes that Indonesia can take ASEAN to a greater height as the next ASEAN chairman in 2011.

“With her own profile in the international arena, her credentials and credibility as an active player of the developing world and emerging economies, a rightful member of the G-20, the largest Muslim country and the fourth most populous and fourth largest democracy, Indonesia can bring ASEAN along in its engagement with the world and bring ASEAN to a new height,” said Dr Surin as quoted on the official website of Jakarta-based ASEAN Secretariat.

Dr Surin also said that he expected Indonesia to adopt a proactive role in its leadership of ASEAN “an enhanced role of the Chair,” as he described it to Kabinet Indonesia Bersatu II (Second United Indonesia Cabinet).

“Indonesia has a weight, an international legitimacy and a global appeal to draw tremendous support and attention from around the world to the ASEAN community building efforts that we are all engaging in now,” Dr Surin continued.

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