IndoFoodStore ofrece café Kopi Luwak directamente desde Indonesia


El minorista en línea más grande de comida indonesia, Indo Food Store  da a conocer el café de más alta calidad en el mundo: el Kopi Luwak. El café Luwak es sólo el mejor café de degustación en el mundo y uno de los mejores manjares de La Tierra. Es un café único, Indo Food Store ha actualizado también categorías como los caramelos de café Kopiko y Sate, un elemento básico de la cocina indonesia


Coffee Luwak isn’t an average coffee blend, in fact, it’s the rarest and most sought after beverage today. Deep in the heart of Indonesia, the Luwak animal, also referred to as the Asian Palm Civet, wanders around the wild searching for coffee berries. Once these cat-like animals consume the coffee beans, their digestional tract cleanses the coffee beans of their acidity. After the beans have been defecated, tribespeople of Indonesia delve into the wild to collect these coffee beans from the feces of the Luwaks.

Once the beans from these Luwaks have been retrieved, the beans are cleaned thoroughly and roasted to be sent directly to Indo Food Store. The result of this whole process is a smooth, delicious. Unique coffee unlike any other: Indonesian Kopi Luwak Coffee. Now. The very first time, Indo Food Store has made this luxurious coffee brew available everywhere in the United States.

In addition to the introduction of the most expensive coffee in the world, coffee luwak, Indo Food Store has bolstered its selection with commodities such as Kopiko coffee & candy, Indonesian spices. Sate. Kopiko candy is a unique and trendy coffee-flavored treat perfect for every occasion. In response to the high demand for exotic Indonesian spices, the widest selection of Indonesian spices & seasoning is now available all at Indo Food Store, including Galangal, Coriander. Salam. Furthermore, an Indonesian meal wouldn’t be complete without the presence of Sate. For the entire month of June, the ingredients for sate will be available in packages for a discounted price.

All of the products on are available now to satisfy every craving.Coffee Luwak, Kopiko Candy, Indonesian spices and Sate are only a small sample of the exotic merchandise available. is growing rapidly and will contrinue to add more products available to purchase from their website.

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