Update on Mount Agung Activities 20 Nov 2017 00:00-06:00 ICST

Activity Level: SIAGA

Visual Observation :

– The top of the mountain was covered by fog. High smoke cauldron thin steaming weak pressure can be observed either from the northern slopes, northeast, south, or from the southwest slope of 200-500 m.​​
– Signs of eruption are not yet visible.


– Non Harmonic Tremor: nil. ​
– Earthquake blow: nil.
– Low frequency earthquake: nil.
– Shallow Volcanic: 7 times.​
– Deep Volcanic: 3 times.
– Local tectonics: ​nil.

Dangerous area, no activity:
– Within a radius of 6 km from the summit and,
– In the Southwest, South, Southeast, Northeast, and North sectoral as far as 7,5 km from the summit.​

(Source: Gunung Agung Observation Post PVMBG, Rendang)

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Please contact call center: +62 361 234099 or +62 813 5396 5324.

For other information please contact KASBANI KA PVMBG (Monitoring/Observation of Mount Agung)​​​