Mount Sinabung erupts again, launches hot clouds as far as 4.6 km

Sinabung Mountain at the district of Karo, North Sumatra experiencing eruption and accompanied by hot clouds of avalanches. This scorching heat cloud slid in two lanes.

Observer Post Officer Sinabung, M Nurul Asrori said eruption accompanied by a cloud of hot fall occurred on Wednesday (27/12/2017) at 15:36 pm.

“Eruption, high ash column covered with fog,” said Asrori when asked for confirmation.

He explained that the first thermal clouds slid down 3,500 meters to the south east – east. Then, the falling hot clouds slid as far as 4,600 toward the south-southeast.

“The activity is still high, Status (Sinabung) is still alert,” explained Asrori.

He urged people affected by volcanic ash always wear masks. If it rains, people are also asked not to move on the Lau Borus River line.

“Always wear a mask if people are affected,” said Asrori.

Head of Public Relations of BNPB Sutopo Purwo informed that the hot cloud of Observation Post of Sinabung Mountain PVMBG reported eruption accompanied by hot cloud of avalanche with 3,500 meter sliding distance to southeast-east and 4,600 meter to south-southeast direction. The wind is blowing east-southeast.

From the top of the crater comes out smoke with black gray volcanic ash with medium to strong pressure. Volcanic ash fell in several villages around Mount Sinabung. Volcanic activity of Mount Sinabung is still high. Caution Status (level 4) is in effect from 2 June 2015 to the present.

Thousands of people are directly affected by the volcanic ash caused by the eruption of Mount Sinabung. No casualties. There was no public panic seeing the eruption, because almost every day Mount Sinabung erupted. The ash rains spread in several places, such as in Sukanalu Village, Tonggal Town, Central Kuta, Gamber, Berastepu, Jeraya, Iron Gate, and several other villages in the eastern sector.