LINGUA is coming up soon

Warmest greetings from Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR), Indonesia

We are pleased to inform you that Universitas Airlangga has launched a new program namely LINGUA (Learning Indonesian Language in Universitas Airlangga).
This program offers benefits for international students who wish to study Indonesian language and culture intensively. Also, it offers transferable credit for its participants.
This program will be conducted virtually through synchronous and asynchronous learning within a semester (September-December 2020) and are comprised of two-levels, A1 and B1. The participants will take placement tests prior to the program in order to determine which level they will partake during the program. Through this program, the participants are expected to be able to improve and develop their practical life-skills concerning the Indonesian language and cultural understanding.

Moreover, the participant will have an opportunity to earn a grant to continue their language studies to the following level (A2 and B2) in Surabaya for the next semester in 2021 once the traveling ban is lifted in Indonesia.
We are delighted if you could assist us to distribute this program to your colleagues and post it on your institution social media channels.

We are more than welcome to discuss this program with you, Ms. Dya Safira, the Coordinator of LINGUA ( will assist you further for questions and concerns.

For further information about the program, herewith we attached the LINGUA Guidebook